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EmmaFunTime 25女  
271 公告
2020/6/5 10:58 am

What is your favorite type of porn?
Amateur / Homemade
Threesome / Group / Orgy
Cumshot / Creampie
Solo Male / Solo Female

Leegs2012 47男
54297 公告
2020/6/5 11:56 am

I would have to go with Lesbian and Threesome Group Orgy.
Welcome to Blog Land!!

Blueyedguy823 53男  
479 公告
2020/6/5 12:10 pm

German 1970's and 80's.

forgotforgetting 53男
7137 公告
2020/6/5 1:27 pm

I'm open to quite a bit. Like the homemade stuff but exclusively.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

letsplay71563 57男  
21 公告
2020/6/5 2:09 pm

Just something erotic and real with the homemade porn

SingleItalianGy2 48男  
950 公告
2020/6/5 3:18 pm

I like them all really. Would have to say that "Unwanted/Surprise Creampie" and "Gloryhole" are at the top of my list. I also enjoy "Corruption" and "Blackmail Porn"

PAWAPh 44男
12695 公告
2020/6/5 3:29 pm



Summerfun6677 28男
5 公告
2020/6/5 3:57 pm


gentlelovrjust4u 62男  
176 公告
2020/6/5 5:47 pm

It really depends on what mood I am in at the time. I watch a wide range of different porn.

wideload888 52男
47 公告
2020/6/5 8:12 pm

Those are fun, but there are SO many more categories!

The threesome/group/orgy and cumshot/creampie videos always get me hard, though.

tubesteak66 53男  
620 公告
2020/6/5 8:52 pm

Vintage porn from the 80's

Rita_Travestie 65變性人
794 公告
2020/6/5 9:28 pm

When he tells a story, then the images no longer need to be explicit, nor even successful

7805 公告
2020/6/5 9:43 pm

girl-on-girl is so hot!

BiJack55 70男  
215 公告
2020/6/5 10:54 pm


p1947q 73男  
53 公告
2020/6/6 4:16 am

Those that include me as one of the participants

azlyn456 61男  
36 公告
2020/6/6 4:19 am

All of them.

old_stick 58男
37 公告
2020/6/6 4:27 am

I would dip into them all as the mood suited.Variety is the spice of life

marcocaliente52 58男
80 公告
2020/6/6 6:08 am

mmmm i'm bisexual.... i like porn argy and trheesome,,,boys and girls.,...even ladyboys!!!!! I enjoy japanese ladyboys!!!!

shadowtoo69 65男  
950 公告
2020/6/6 7:19 am

Has to be oral, love seeing a lady go down.

fun951guy74 46男  
4 公告
2020/6/6 7:48 am

Too funny, I guess I’m not the only person that has the same opinion.

profcoquin27bis 55男
3187 公告
2020/6/6 8:09 am

taboo, mother/daughter with me

onehotintegra 59男
456 公告
2020/6/6 3:00 pm

Whatever you want to make.

FresnoWoman 49女
792 公告
2020/6/6 3:00 pm

Hot guys gettin' it on.

aniceride 50男  
106 公告
2020/6/6 3:15 pm

kinda watch all of them but mostly into transexual porn at the moment.

idblueswoman 61女  
733 公告
2020/6/6 5:12 pm

I voted other.. because I have never been a fan of porn. TOO FAKE.. As for Amateur / Homemade porn, well well that's too cheesy for me. I guess I am not a voyeur.

avgkinkster 52男
38 公告
2020/6/6 5:40 pm

have to say i love the home made porns...something hot about real people !

ezwheelz 44男  
56 公告
2020/6/6 6:03 pm

I also voted other. I like funny or a good story. A lot of porn is pretty funny, but a good story porn is hard to find.

brow6902 55男
85 公告
2020/6/6 7:06 pm

mature group orgies!

Vader0967 52男
422 公告
2020/6/6 7:14 pm

lesbians picking up girls and seducing them

Appalachian36 39男  
17 公告
2020/6/6 8:24 pm

None of the above. I'd rather be the participant rather than watch someone else do it.

letscum1954 66男
188 公告
2020/6/7 5:20 am

Vintage porn from the sixties

Harlyman54321 47男
50 公告
2020/6/7 5:34 am

Like lots of them. Creampie is yummy.

Scottjel 49男
14 公告
2020/6/7 8:14 am

Love cream pie and interacial

yurnailsinmyback 51男
79 公告
2020/6/7 9:29 am

It's nice when everybody can get in the action!

funsnellvillecpl 63男/51女  
2349 公告
2020/6/7 9:41 am

hmmm we like some of the older like " behind the green door " , " deep throat " , we also enjoy bi and interracial stuff too

swfla56 64男
88 公告
2020/6/7 11:09 am

More fun to watch your own. Making mmm is the kicker blast. We sometimes tape your parties if all agree.

scbirdieman 61男  
13 公告
2020/6/7 12:39 pm

Definitely amateur...seems more relatable when it’s “real folks”

seniorseeker12 63男
6 公告
2020/6/7 2:57 pm

well as you get older you are more likely to fuck older women
So I voted for mature .....I do like watching it

bard_3232 54男
18 公告
2020/6/7 3:09 pm

No condoms, No staged facials

brandini734 25男  
174 公告
2020/6/7 11:52 pm

Home-made is the way to go for me.

Yours_4A_knight 55男
1358 公告
2020/6/8 5:34 am

For me it always comes down to the woman, am I into her, and the fewest possible distraction's

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

hookerman 65男  
25 公告
2020/6/8 9:14 am

shemales fucking guys is my go to. guys sucking cock works too, esp if they get cum in thier mouths.

Magcmouth 78男
14 公告
2020/6/8 9:42 am

would like to do that just once in my life.

benben75116 34男
54 公告
2020/6/8 10:28 am


hardcocknme76 43男
20 公告
2020/6/8 1:08 pm

I like sissy crossdressing an heavy anal until they explode in my ass or mouth either way it will make it to my mouth down my throat

Juangar82 38男
37 公告
2020/6/8 2:05 pm

Amateur, to think it is possible with the ones of you are viewing

RRNMCouple 48男/51女
1 公告
2020/6/8 2:24 pm

Threesome/orgy/gangbang porn is our thing.

Diablowme 47男  
2 公告
2020/6/8 4:09 pm

I love amateur homemade stuff. It takes a lot of balls (no pun intended) to make a movie and post it for the world to see. Pro movies seem so cookie cutter... send them to acting class, if you're going to make them talk darnit!

Though BDSM done by Pro's is nice sometimes.

M_4_funtimes 52男
2 公告
2020/6/8 9:05 pm

Bi Amateur Orgy with Mature.

sissyboi1975 44男
1 公告
2020/6/9 11:23 am

transgirls fucking guys and twinks and crossdressers with their daddies

Tractor4019777 63男  
2 公告
2020/6/9 3:42 pm

Love homemade, lesbian. Love videos that tell a story, not just sport fucking. Like the ones where a wife comes home from a night out and tells hubby about getting laid and shares her creampie as sloppy seconds.

ItsThtPervertGuy 40男
350 公告
2020/6/9 9:46 pm

Ahhhh Porn! Anything but weird and gross just about!

SuckMy8Plus 55男  
245 公告
2020/6/9 10:03 pm

I enjoy Amateur/Homemade porn. I also like to film myself.

margrob1967 52男
24 公告
2020/6/9 11:53 pm

Cool poll.

Somewhatshy0907 45男
17 公告
2020/6/9 11:53 pm

Real people and real situations. Favourite is MFM or group.

Azbear1969 51男
74 公告
2020/6/10 12:21 am

Basically all the above and homemade with me and my lover

SingleTerp 36男
4 公告
2020/6/10 10:36 am

love the amature stuff, make me feel like im there

Looking4FWB8238 38男
20 公告
2020/6/11 4:08 am


Calfitcouple 53男/53女
13 公告
2020/6/11 12:50 pm

making own porn, taking pics of ourselves while having sex is great too

wewantursquirt 55男/63女
13 公告
2020/6/11 5:42 pm

nothing sexier then eating pussy with each other,

wolf966962 57男  
20 公告
2020/6/13 4:48 am

Mature threesomes

Srisandp 29男
21 公告
2020/6/13 9:44 am

Cream pie is my most favourite porn.. And i love to do that 💏

EclecticSiren 25女
1 公告
2020/6/13 11:04 am

Real home made porn with the real girls next door

wood95691 51男
19 公告
2020/6/13 5:15 pm

By far amateur homemade porn is the best!!!

CleanSeedFlow 39男
53 公告
2020/6/14 3:41 am

No objections to age or race, but breeding women oh yes.

pleasuresuckn4u 54男
39 公告
2020/6/14 11:44 am

anal,it's awesome!

Hotbodman_4play 56男
457 公告
2020/6/14 11:46 am

I like the Homemade porn. not scripted, more real. Would you make your own homemade porn video?

instint9 60男
91 公告
2020/6/14 12:10 pm

amateur y masturbacion femenina

uspifr_onthewho 48男
1 公告
2020/6/14 12:42 pm

Voted amateur because we all wanna be porn stars don't we ?

SouthGeorgiaCoug 63女
111 公告
2020/6/15 7:17 am

Cuckold! I watch all types but right now that is doing the most for me!

A Cougar searching for cubs!

JustDestressing 45男  
12 公告
2020/6/15 8:16 am

What about Vintage the golden era circa 70/80s was pretty hot

lighthousecollec 57女  
491 公告
2020/6/15 9:31 am

I like watching Daddy son, twink and daddy or two older gay men.

I have set up a private mailbox on my Blog for your convenience.

needafwb13 60男
122 公告
2020/6/15 12:22 pm

I love homemade porn, throw in a nice cumshot on the titties and it's perfect. Real make the best porn!!

Bone_6999 51男
17 公告
2020/6/16 1:42 am

Always homemade for me, prefer it real, less implants and proper curves lol

Dirtygrandp0p 66男  
57 公告
2020/6/16 11:51 am

Amateur, and I mean proper amateur that has a fixed camera. So much more like us all. Tather than professional that whilst glam and full of fantasy, leaves one feeling inadequate!

Feed your passion

Luv2lik91 28男
1 公告
2020/6/17 8:51 am

I love creampie amateur

Needsomepussy407 49男  

2020/6/20 3:14 am

I love all porn.

719latenightfun 29男  
3 公告
2020/7/1 2:43 am

Well I guess I need to step up my game. Anybody else down to make some homemade group movies?

Seekfunnn 20男
11 公告
2020/7/2 12:03 pm

Milfs and orgy

EatOutYYC 27男
4 公告
2020/7/2 10:09 pm

Solo. Something so sexy about a woman pleasuring herself.

Pleasure_You01 53男
36 公告
2020/7/7 6:05 pm

Nice user name.

vindalooloo23 52男
26 公告
2020/7/10 5:25 am

I love busty women porn

WtxBater 55男
4 公告
2020/7/12 2:11 pm

Foot fetish porn. I love female feet!!

visuckscock 39男/41女  
1 公告
2020/7/14 2:13 am

rough 2 girl dp gangbang

PiercedSpike75 45男
18 公告
2020/7/14 2:49 pm

just love to hear women climaxing and squirting, solo or with partner ;p

Littlhunt4 40男
16 公告
2020/7/16 6:08 pm

Amateur. I like to watch real people doing real things.

Open2Fun2020 53男
17 公告
2020/7/17 6:32 pm

Other: mild to medium bdsm, training, etc
But most of those other ones are good too. Lesbian stuff is always hot!

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 58男
536 公告
2020/7/19 9:41 am

Anal, big tits, reverse Cowgirl, ATM!!!

Friendly2059 55男
10 公告
2020/7/23 1:44 pm

Depends on the day / mood. Sometimes it is BDSM, sometimes it's MILF, other times it is Mom/daughter lesbian strapon.

Until next time ... kink responsibly!

bfc696969 33男
20 公告
2020/7/28 12:14 pm

i wanna be in a trans porn so fucking bad or one where theyre training me to be a cum slut

covidsux99 43男
7 公告
2020/7/30 3:51 pm

You can never go wrong with German porn

69thick5 49男  
14 公告
2020/8/1 12:09 pm

I love to see 18 year old to 21 year old amature

327start 60男
7 公告
2020/8/1 12:36 pm

Actually I love public sex porn. and glory hole porn.