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Which is the Sexiest?  

HotCouple14311 34男/31女  
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2020/8/1 7:47 am
Which is the Sexiest?

What outfit looks sexiest on a woman?
Sexy School Girl
Slutty Secratary
Glamed up Goth
Exotic Lingirie
Matching Bra and Underwear
Sports Bra and Booty Shorts?

Yours_4A_knight 55男
1358 公告
2020/8/1 11:41 am

For myself at least women are at the hottest when they are just being themselves and living their best lives and you just can't take your eyes off of them, so I picked gym clothes

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

HotCouple14311 34男/31女  
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2020/8/1 3:53 pm

Very true, you can only be as sexy as you feel, but that applies to all genders. This was more a question about what you like to see when a woman is on cam trying to please people.

SingleItalianGy2 48男  
950 公告
2020/8/1 10:37 pm

I voted for matching bra and panties but that was only because there wasn't an option for all of the above. I have a thing for ladies who wear anything SHEER/MESH.

PAWAPh 44男
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2020/8/2 9:33 am



Littlhunt4 40男
16 公告
2020/8/2 7:26 pm

Sports bra and booty shorts. Girls rock that all the time at my gym and I get so horny!!

justskin1 68男
11696 公告
2020/8/3 4:15 am

I voted for matching bra and underwear. I prefer the bra and panties to be lacy and/or sheer so you have to really look to see what the details are and are still left a bit unsure till she takes it off.

I never got into the school girl thing. Maybe because I never had any schools require a uniform so they don't arouse fond horny memories.

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