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Mrdesire28 31 / 男
"in kuwait."
Niagara Falls, 紐約, 美 國
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Mrdesire28 31/男
Niagara Falls, New York
back from over seas and live ;)
I am a professional that lives a stress risk career. I work hard and then harder sometimes. I have heard many things about places like this but finding like minded people that enjoy life as much as I do when not working. I stay in great shape I believe thanks work and in turn enjoy adrenaline filled life as well. I am adventurous and enjoy the outdoors and being active. On a personal side. I tend more on the dominate side. I enjoy having a connection with people I meet. I feel that it makes for more enjoyable conversations and possible encounters. I enjoy couples. be its about putting on the show I guess you can say. with that being said.... I am not bi or gay but when playing if the chemistry is good and the fantasy is for a say have oral together or thing along that time I tend to be more open to consideration. We all have our likes and dislikes and what we are looking for on . I am always open talking more and exploring the options of what could happen.

我的理想對象: Ideally I would like meet couples and single females that are DDD free for starters. Younger or older than me is fine but must take care of yourselves. We all have likes and that is mine. Not looking for picture perfect but attraction is a must for everyone.

most country.

I have always fantasied about the break in.... this beautiful
woman I see all the time. she gives me that look. those looks
that make you think... does she does she not. then finally
she drives me so wild I can't take it any more. I'm
her place and notice the door was open just enough. as
I walk closer I see in the window... her. dressed in a sexy
little outfit dancing around the house. I can't
but wonder should I or should I not.... I watch a little more
as she looks around with that feeling of her being watched
but it does not stop her. Finally I muster up the courage
to enter I walk quietly closer and closer to her. She turns
sees me and her eyes are filled with shock and the nervous
excitement of what will come next. she walks to me and says
" I have been waiting for this. I'm yours. Take
me." from that moment on I know we are going to have
a wild night.

給與口交, 享受口交, 肛交, 玩具 (振動器/人造陰莖/等。), 戀物癖, 輕奴役, 重度束縛, 打屁股, 角色扮演, 3p, 奴隸/主人, 製作家庭"電影", 參與情色攝影, 偷窺狂., 手銬/腳鐐., 胸部/乳頭苦難,乳夾,等。, 眼罩., 訊息.

肉體吸引力, 一樣的、相似的性癖好, 角色扮演的經驗 (體位;主從關係), 是否只侷限於性愛而無進一步發展, 願意討論與嘗試不同型態的性愛, 願意承諾自由的性關係, 對性愛是否夠大膽、有創意, 以上條件多少都有一點


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  • 31 / 男性
  • Niagara Falls, 紐約, 美 國
尋找:  女性, 伴侶(男人和女人), 伴侶(2個女人) 或者 變性人/變裝癖/易性癖
生日: 1989年 8月 5日
家鄉: Cornelius, North Carolina, United States
婚姻狀況: 單身
身高: 5 ft 9 in / 175-177 cm
體型: 運動員型
吸煙: 我是不抽菸者
飲酒: 我是位輕微/社交飲酒者
嗑藥: 我從不嗑藥
教育程度: 修過大學課程
職業: military
種族: 白人
宗教: 其他
有孩子: 是的。我們住在一起。
想要孩子: 我對所擁有的感到滿足
男性雄風: 長/粗
已完成割禮/割包皮: 是的
說: 英語
頭髮顏色: 棕色
頭髮長度: 禿頭
眼睛顏色: 棕色