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rm_lipsuccour4u 61 / 男
"I'm a Succour for Pussy"
Wigan, 蘭開夏郡, 英國
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rm_lipsuccour4u 61/男
Wigan, Lancashire , United Kingdom
[p]It's fair to say I'm rather quiet, thoughtful, and introverted. I tend to take my time over things, near enough is not good enough for me, I like things to be right. Despite that, I've a good sense of humour and really enjoy a good laugh. However, I'm not into clubbing, boozing, drugs and the like, I much prefer to go out for a meal, or go to the cinema, or a quiet night in with some wine, music and the sofa. [p]I'd prefer friends for one-on-one sex on a regular basis, rather than one-night stands. If it develops into a long-term relationship then let it be. Sexually I'm pretty straight, and enjoy my partner taking the lead when she has the urge. I love oral sex, both ways, before penetration. Other times it can be pure animal lust, with little or no foreplay, so long as my partner enjoys being ravished now and then. I also enjoy role-play fantasies on occasions and would like to experiment with bondage, erotic photography and other interests. I have qualifications in photography and would like explore some of these fantasies and capture them on camera. [p][b]At the moment I am in the early stages of a relationship so am not looking for anyone else at the moment.[/b] I will, however, still be here on a regular basis contributing in groups, etc. [p]I have inherited the title of Moderator for the [group 191501]. This is a group about bling and how to make it with many posts to help newbies get started. If you are interested in making bling please have a look.

Coldplay, Guns n Roses, Queen, Blondie, Thin Lizzy, Roxy

Being a nude model for the first time for an all female art
class. The nerves quickly go as I imagine what the six ladies
are thinking as they sketch me, quickly developing a rigid
hardon. The class teacher tells me the ladies sketches
are part of the course work and will be sent away for marking.
She tells the ladies to stop and comes over to me. She takes
my balls in one hand and the base of my shaft in the other,
and begins sucking my cock. Quickly the other ladies join
the teacher and I'm quickly lying flat on the floor
with eager tongues licking and sucking my cock and balls
as the ladies take turns at the head and sit on my face, gradually
all becoming naked. The cock free ladies indulge in some
lesbian sex, while I take turns pumping each lady's
pussy. An all out orgy continues for nearly two hours. Finally,
the teacher grabs my cock and takes it deep down her throat,
sucking for all she's worth. As the bell rings to mark
the end of the evening classes I cum a massive load which
causes her to gag but she takes it all, sucking me dry as we
all begin to get up and get dressed to leave before the janitor
arrives to lock up. Everyone leaves looking forward to
next week, leaving me seven days to recover my strength.

給與口交, 享受口交, 輕奴役, 角色扮演, 奴隸/主人, 互慰, 製作家庭"電影", 參與情色攝影, 乳汁.


In my youth my sexual fantasies
nearly always involved Page 3 beauty Linda Lusardi. Her
beautiful face, her body, with perfect breasts and nipples,
she was my perfect woman. She still looks stunning now on
the all too rare occasions she appears on TV.

Lately I've had the occasional fantasy with Julia
Bradbury on top of all the peaks in the Lake District.


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  • 61 / 男性
  • Wigan, 蘭開夏郡, 英國
尋找:  女性
生日: 1959年 8月 3日
移居他處?: 或許/是
婚姻狀況: 單身
身高: >6 ft 4 in / >195 cm
體型: 一般
吸煙: 我是不抽菸者
飲酒: 我是位輕微/社交飲酒者
嗑藥: 我從不嗑藥
教育程度: 學士學位 (4年制大學)
職業: Civil Engineer
種族: 白人
宗教: 新教
想要孩子: 可能
男性雄風: 一般/一般
說: 英語, 'holiday'German
頭髮顏色: 棕色
頭髮長度: 短髮
眼睛顏色: 綠色
眼鏡或隱形眼鏡: 眼鏡